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Our family practice is located in Marietta, GA at the intersection of Sandy Plains Rd. and East Piedmont rd. directly across from Sprayberry High School. Our office is housed in a stand-alone, four-sided brick building with private parking.

Results With Chiropractic in Marietta GA

As with everything in life, those who get the best results are the ones who are committed to doing what it takes to get well. They understand that they are responsible for their own health and are motivated and excited to try something different. Our goal at Friends & Family Chiropractic is to provide you and your family with new ideas about health and where it comes from. In many cases correcting spinal misalignments can lead to exactly the health outcomes that you and your family have been looking for. These misalignments are most successfully corrected when caught early, making children ideal patients.

At Friends & Family Chiropractic, our skilled and knowledgeable Chiropractors do everything possible to help you and your family express the healthiest life possible. We have taken a lot of time in the design and layout of our office so that when you walk in for the first time you feel right at home. We did this to make your experience comforting and friendly so you can begin your amazing journey back to health and well-being right from day one.

Correcting The Cause Of Your Problems

At Friends & Family Chiropractic were want to find the cause of your problems. If you have spinal misalignments this will put pressure on your nerve system and can cause all types of sickness and disease processes. We locate exactly where you have vertebral misalignments, make corrections and ultimately see results. People's  lives will change, you just have to give it a chance

We Are On A Mission

We are always looking to talk to new people and groups and love getting out in the community. We have been fortunate enough to speak to many local businesses and churches as well as small groups in our east cobb area. If there is anywhere that you would like us to speak about the benefits of chiropractic and how it can help, please let us know! If you have five or more people we will even come to your home free of charge!  Please contact our Marietta location to make an appointment.



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Friends & Family Chiropractic

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